The Uses, Effect & Classification of Barbiturates

Want to have a review of Barbiturates before buying? It is a wise decision that not only aware you of its production but also about the specific product that suits your disease. Let’s have a look at it –

What is Barbiturate?

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As we all know, it is a drug that uses as a central nervous system depressant. The term “Barbiturate” comes from the chemical Barbiturates street names acid. On November 27, 1864, it was first synthesized by the famous chemist Adolf von Baeyer. This acid does not have any own effects. Chemists have analyzed and derived various compounds from it with pharmacologically active qualities. This composition has been used for many medical purposes such as anxiolytics, hypnotics, and anticonvulsants. Simultaneously, it has also a physical and psychological addiction potential. It has overdose potential, among other possible adverse effects.


  • amobarbital – It is commonly referred to as sodium amytal.  This barbiturate gained a reputation as a truth serum.
  • butabarbital – This barbiturate comes under short-acting barbiturate. It is frequently used to treat migraine headaches, having a composition with aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine.
  • secobarbital – This barbiturate drug is a widely-prescribed sleep aid, which has a seconal beginning in the year 1934.
  • phenobarbital – Considering its effectiveness as anti-convulsant, this drug was used to treat seizures in young kids, years back. It has also been used to treat anxiety, drug withdrawal, and more.

Classification of Barbiturate –

When it comes to the classification of barbiturate, it has mainly been classified into three divisions.  These are long-acting Barbiturates, intermediate-acting Barbiturate, ultrashort acting Barbiturate.  Like every medical test or research of medicine, this is also based on findings in animals, and then it has been tested carefully in human for advanced studies. Let’s have a quick look at its three divisions –

Barbiturates Street Names
  • Long-acting Barbiturates –In this group, barbiturates act for a long duration. Some of them are Phenobarbitone and Mephobarbitone.
  • Short-acting barbiturates – In this group, drugs or barbiturates act for a short duration of time than long-acting barbiturates. For example, Butobarbitone, Serobarbitone, and Pentobarbitone.
  • Ultra short-acting barbiturates – These types of barbiturates act for a shorter duration of time than short-acting barbiturates. They are Thiopentane, Methohexitone, Hexobarbitone.

Uses of Barbiturate –

Before using any product, everyone should know the pros and cons of that product. Similarly, the user should know the uses of barbiturates before using it. The user should also consult his doctor for better advice. If we come to the general use of Barbiturates, then for years, this composition has been used for medical purposes. To cure anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and also anesthetics, this drug has been used. The most important factor is the dosages of barbiturates vary according to the types of drug, and its uses. It is often used to neutralize the stimulant effects of drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine. But, considering its side effects and risks, the use of Barbiturates have limited to a few specific health conditions. A few of those diseases are seizures that are unresponsive to other, severe cases of insomnia, less toxic, agents, the stimulation of anesthesia, and more.

Side Effects & Risks of Barbiturate –

It is a general aspect that many objects have both merit and demerits. When it comes to side effects, small differences in doses can also outcome big medical issues, which lead to developing side effects easily. Few of the common side effects are – low blood pressure, nausea, headache, breathing problems, pneumonia, etc. Long-term uses of barbiturates also cause sexual dysfunction memory loss and more. Not only finished here, it has few risks like overdose may also be the most significant risk of death, kidney failure, coma, lack of coordination, and more.

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